Would we ever stop reading?

I grew up with books and stories. I had my first bookcase full of books when I was five and I played with books before I could read. I remember those days when I got lost in my imagination and followed it to another world far far away… These days I don’t read like that anymore. I skim, scan and browse short articles because I tend to look for information instead of enjoying the content.  Those articles are designed for a quick 10 min break to suit our lifestyle. Gabe Zichermann mentioned in his talk that “the day of having a cup of tea and reading a book in a Sunday afternoon is over”. The world is changing with new technology, the Internet is an open library, people learn via more interactive methods than reading such as media content, video games, virtual reality, live streaming and so on. I know lots of people who like audio book and video where they can speed up 2-3 times to be more productive. That habit makes some people wonder if we ever stop reading?

This is a cool video about books, I hope you enjoy!

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