A resume is not what defines a person, but only highlights some aspects. If you’d like to know who I am, I recommend a chat over coffee where we could get to know each other better.




I’m passionate about creating practical, enjoyable and customer-focused digital experience.




Building Web and Mobile Applications
Solving Problems
Getting things done

With 10 years of experience in Digital Industry and 4 years in Mobile Application, I have successfully helped develop and launch over 100 mobile applications in different industries and sectors. Having to work with teams ranging from small startups with 10-20 members to large organisations with over 10,000 employees, and growths of 300-3000 fold per year truly inspired me to grow as a leader.
I’m not only able to work under pressure but also thrive on challenges while staying focused and positive.





These are my top skills that I’ve built up over time:

Agile Scrum Master
Lean Methodology
Mobile App Development
Digital Product Optimisation
User Behaviour Analysis
UI/ UX Best Practices
Human Centred Design
Digital Product Release
Stakeholder Expectation Management
Commercialising Digital Products
Estimation & Risk Management
Complex Data Analysis
Quality Assurance
Conducting Research
Growth Hacking
Building Team and Work Culture

Other skills you might find useful: Project Management Tools, Team Engagement Tools, Event Management Tools, Online Marketing Tools, Data Analytic Tools, Product Analytic Tools, Sales Management Tools, CRM Management Tools, Defect Management Tools, etc.




Few things I have done in the past that might bring value to the table.

But most of all to impress you, really!



Built a website framework which allows users to create a website in just a few clicks. It was sold to a private company.


2013 – Present

Delivered hundreds of mobile and web applications.


2014 – Present

Led Disruptive Startups from a small group to one of the biggest meetups in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with over 11,000 members.

2013 – Present: Appster Pty Ltd.,

Project Manager, Product Owner, Producer, Event Manager: Mar 2013 – Present
  • Delivered over 100 web and mobile applications with large traffic across platforms (Web, Android, iOS, mobile phone, tablets) by leading multiple teams as scrum master and collaborating with different stakeholders (CEO, CTO, CFO) and clients
  • Conducting workshop and facilitating clients and stakeholders to build product roadmap, monetisation model and prioritize product requirements
  • Managing resource, budget, risk and stakeholders expectation for multiple projects at a time.
  • Applying UI/ UX best practices, A/B Split testing, User Behaviour Analysis, Customer feedback loop to optimise User Experience in Mobile and Web applications.
  • Taking over troublesome projects and collaborating with leadership teams, development teams and clients to resolve issues.
  • Developed Lead Management System and CRM System by using online marketing tactics and lead nurturing programs to bring in thousands of leads per month and convert them to opportunities.
  • Playing Company Culture Ambassador role using gamification, play theory and facilitation techniques to ensure a positive and open work culture which embraces trust, innovation and self development.
  • Grew an event called Disruptive Startups from a small group of 50 members in a garage in Collingwood to an interstate monthly event with 11,000+ members across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in 18 months. Disruptive Startups has been featuring top successful Startups and Entrepreneurs such as Renaud Visage (Co-founder and CTO of Eventbrite), Tim Reed (CEO of MYOB), Adam Schwab (CEO & Executive Director of AussieCommerce), Ned Moorfield (the founder of GoCatch), Tim Fung (the founder and CEO of Airtasker), and so on.
  • http://www.appster.com.au

2011 - 2012: Vigoor Co Ltd.,

Digital Product Analyst and Customer Experience Support: Jan 2011 – Dec 2012
  • Published and moderated private online game servers for over 10,000 players including customer support via forum channel, marketing support, and game events support.
  • Analysed market and developed digital products roadmap.
  • Developed requirement specifications for a private website framework which supports e-commerce, customer support platform, finance, and ticket and booking system.
  • Tested final products and deployed products for customers.


2007 - 2009: FPT Software Jsc

Software Development Process Quality Assurance: Feb 2007 – Mar 2009
  • Worked with a team of 300 people to implement internal systems of 1500 web applications using MS Sharepoint for Petronas across Malaysia.
  • Built Development Process and Handbooks for projects and built Development Offshore Centres for Toshiba, Fujifilm, NextGen.
  • Managed improvement proposals from employees, and setup Quality and Process Training for new QAs and Project Managers.
  • Audited Project Management Process applied CMMi level 5.
  • https://www.fpt-software.com/

2005 - 2007: Web Developer Freelancer

  • Developed over 20 websites and Windows desktop application on PHP, Java, MS SQL, C#




To be honest, classes were not where I learnt the most from. I like to learn from people, read lots of books, browse the internet and so on… My favourite method of learning is “try and error”. That was how I learnt to code and many other things.

Bachelor of Computing - Swinburne

Swinburne University of Technology (2010-2012):

Bachelor of Computing, Majoring in Business Computing and Minoring in Information System with a Distinction average.

Higher Diploma of Software Engineering

Aptech Computer Institute (2004-2007):

Higher Diploma of Software Engineering with a Distinction average.

Certified Agile CSPO and CSM

Certified Agile Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master (2013)

ISTQB - CFTL Certificate

ISTQB Certified Tester – CFTL Certificate (2012)

The Foundation Level qualification is aimed at professionals who need to demonstrate practical knowledge of the fundamental concepts of software testing. This includes people in roles such as test designers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers and IT Professionals.

Human Centred Design and Gamification

Human Centred Design and Gamification (2016).

Short course by +Acumen

Growth Hack & Online Marketing

Growth Hack – Online Marketing (2015).

Short courses by Hubspot Academy

National Achievers Congress

National Achievers Congress (2011)

1 week conference in Sydney

Soft Skill of Human Management and Customer Management

Soft Skill of Human Management and Customer Management (2008).

Crestcom Training for Managers.

CSQA - Certified Software Quality Analyst

CSQA – Certified Software Quality Analyst (2008)

Acquiring the designation of Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA) indicates a professional level of competence in the principles and practices of quality assurance in the IT profession.

CMMi level 5 Standard Training

Quality Assurance Training with CMMi level 5 Standard (2007)

PMP Training

Software Project Management PMP (2007)

That’s a lot about me, now I’d like you know more about you

But seriously, by now you know more about me than my mum does.
She only knows I work with computers and that’s what she’s been proudly telling all of her friends.