My name is

Chellie May

I’m passionate about creating unique, beautiful, enjoyable and practical digital experiences, and enhancing them by researching, finding patterns and applying science.

Nearly a decade I have successfully helped launch 1500 web applications for Petronas, build Development Offshore Centres for Toshiba, Fujifilm, and helped over 100 Australian Entrepreneurs bring their digital product ideas to life. I embrace changes and innovation.


Mobile Apps

Live Events


How beautiful things are made


Getting things done 99%
Digital Product Development 90%
Project Management 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%

There is always something more out there to learn and explore.


Mobile App Development
Web Application Development
User Behaviour Analysis
UI/ UX Design
Project Management
Agile Project Management
Quality Assurance
Software Testing
Start-up Venture
Online Marketing
Lean Methodology
Digital Product Optimisation
Human Centred Design
Stakeholder Management
Commercialising Digital Product
Complex Data Analysis
Conducting Research
Building Team and Work Culture

Current Mission

Make things more fun and useful!

Using Human Centered Design and Gamification to build intuitive and fun to use products

Interested in what I’m working on? Get in touch with me!