How to make people care more?

We do better when we care more. For example, our home looks much better when we care about it, our relationship is better when we care about the other half, our friendships get stronger when we care about our friends. We work better when we care about our career, the things we do, place we work at and people we work with. Things get bad when people stop caring. I’m sure you have once heard someone say “I don’t give a damn!” and they walk away. It happens a lot at work place where people have less personal connection and less emotion compare to personal relationship such as family, partners etc…

When people stop caring, they stop putting extra effort into their work. People will stop asking question, stop reaching higher goal, all look exhausted and blurry. Most of the time, they just want to tick off the box and wait for the day to end to go home, to go back to something and someone they really care about. Mediocrity will slowly bring you down.

Making people care is a big part of creating a good culture, from work culture, community to family culture. People love to be cared about. So how do we make people to care more?


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