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It’s always nice to have someone leave you a message,  makes you feel special. It’s like you walk into the office and the receptionist says, “Hey, you have a delivery. What is that? Is that a Loui? Or is it chocolate?” That makes you excited even though it always turns out to be just brochures from some other firms who want you to try out their new products. What an old school way to send mail these days. So feel free to leave me a message here if you want to get in touch or ask me a question here.

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Click/ tap the red button below and follow the instruction to leave a voice/ video message if you are one of those who are too lazy to type. Please remember, you will be recorded so don’t do anything silly. I will not publish your message anywhere without your written consent.

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If you are too shy to speak out loud to the video/ voice message recorder, you can always quietly leave me a traditional message here. It will give my phone a little buzz and make me smile 🙂

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